Fun Halloween Monster Cupcakes

Here is our third instalment of our fang-tastically ghoulish Halloween Tutorial series for this month! This week we show you how to whip up and decorate a batch of fun D.I.Y Monster Cupcakes. These vibrant cakes are perfect for getting children involved with creating some spook-tacular Halloween party treats (they’re also great for fun-loving grown ups too). The great thing about these cupcakes is that you can sit and make a selection of different eyes, tentacles, teeth etc and mix and match them to form your own monsterous creation. We’re sure you’ll think these cupcakes are so ‘ghoul’ you’ll want to scare everyone away rather than share them! Step one: Pipe some generous swirls atop your cupcakes in a variety of colours. We used 809 (open round tip), 868 (fine toothed pastry tip) and 828 (larger toothed pastry tip). Step two: To make eyes roll out balls of white sugarpaste. You can order cakes online if you follow the link.

Indent them with a large ball tool and apply some edible glue inside the impression. Roll up a smaller ball of coloured sugarpaste and gently press this into your white ball. Indent the smaller ball with a smaller ball tool. Roll up another colour in an even smaller size and press this in. Finally take a toothpick or blade tool and create indented lines to create an iris. Step three: After making the eyeballs you need to assemble them onto toothpicks to position them into your cupcakes. To help stop them sliding down the toothpicks apply a bit of melted candy melt into your toothpick where the eyeball will fit. Before it sets slide your eyeball onto the top and leave to dry. If you’re ready you can insert the eyes into your cupcake when set! Step four: To create teeth simply play with white fondant to create sharp fangs, picket fence-style buck teeth or more human shaped dentures. Step five: When it comes to tentacles shape some coloured sugarpaste / fondant into a variety of ‘slug’ shapes (make sure these are long enough to sit from your cupcake to your chosen surface… e.g. plate or cake stand). Add some ‘suckers’ by indenting with a small ball tool, some edible glue and small rolled up balls of coloured sugarpaste. Step six: Try adding some extra customisation with sprinkles, cut out sugarpaste shapes or edible glitter! Step seven: Now for the super fun part! Design and decorate your cupcakes with as many eyes, teeth, tentacles, spots etc as you wish.

There are countless ways to get in the Halloween spirit at Disney World right now! What is our favorite way to celebrate the season? We have found THE cutest Halloween treat yet! If only we could put our finger on who he (or she?!) looks like… . Today, we made our way out to Contempo Cafe at Disney’s Contemporary Resort where we found the Monster Cupcake! Look. At. That. Face. This snack features a funfetti cupcake filled with candy bar custard, topped with purple buttercream and fondant horns, eyes, and mouth. Look at how cute he is! After looking longingly into his sugar eyes we realized he reminded us of the Muppets from the Mah Na Mah Na Song! Definitely not a 1-1 match but close enough that we’ll take it 😉 . Good luck getting that song out your head now, BTW! But how does it TASTE? Overall, this was a classic funfetti cupcake, exactly what you would expect. The cake was light and fluffy. However, the custard inside was DREAMY. The custard was smooth and creamy and had bits of chocolate pieces.

We would definitely pick up this treat again for the filling alone! If you’re not a huge fan of TOO MUCH frosting, this cupcake may be a hit as well — as you can see, there’s not TOO much of the squiggly purple frosting on top! Definitely a heavier cake to frosting ratio here than many other Disney World cupcakes! As always, we will continue to keep you updated on EVERY Halloween treat we find throughout Disney World! Mah na mah na…do dooo do do do! Check out this spooky Jack Skellington treat! Join the DFB Newsletter to get all the breaking news right in your inbox! Click here to Subscribe! Don’t Miss Out on Any Disney Fun! Order Your Copy of the 2021 DFB Guide to Walt Disney World Dining Today! Use code WDW2021 at check-out for 25% off the cover price today! Our guides are backed by a 100% money-back guarantee, so you have nothing to lose. What has been your favorite Halloween treat so far? Let us know in the comments! Did you know that these FAMOUS celebrities once worked in the Disney Parks? Take a look at 5 hidden treats you didn’t know about until now in EPCOT! The woooooorst Disney World guests might not be what you think! New 50th anniversary merchandise has popped up in Disney World!

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